Eggnog - 230 ml - nutmeg, vanilla & cinnamon

Eggnog - 230 ml - nutmeg, vanilla & cinnamon

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Which memories come to you when thinking about an eggnog? I bet on plenty of funny ones as it is a jolly drink that we all know since we were kids. It's one of those must-haves popping up on your mind when thinking about Christmas tree, mistletoe & gingerbread. Perhaps even your family has its own traditional recipe? Enjoy this joyful essence in our eggnog candle… sweet and bit spicy to cheer you up during freezing winter nights.


• Natural soy wax without dyes

• High quality natural essential oils

• 1 slow burn oak wick

• Crystal vessel

• Size 250 ml

• All materials 100% vegan

• Non-toxic, without paraffin or chemical essences

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