Amor - ylang-ylang & ho-sho- 200 ml

Amor - ylang-ylang & ho-sho- 200 ml

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Embrace yourself with this tropical sweet & floral Asian essence gently spiced w to calm down your body and mind. Ylang-Ylang will induce you on a relaxation stage.  In Asian countries this flower is also known as the flower of love that is used during wedding ceremonies. This miscellaneous essence will serve you in more than one occasion due to its uniquely seductive aroma.



• Organic soy wax without dyes

• Our essences are 100% made with essential oils

• 1 slow burn oak wick

• Handmade eco-friendly vessel made by us

• Size 200 ml

• All materials 100% vegan

• Non-toxic, without paraffin or chemical essences


Made in Prague