about us

Welcome to Naiyá candles, the word Naiyá means to light a fire in Wixarica, an ancient Mexican language of my ancestors. Bringing forth their legacy I would like to share with you their knowledge of aromatherapy through my candles.

My name is Lavinia, a Prague based Mexican and who stays behind Naiyá candles. I’ve been creative and passionate about handcrafts since I was a kid. That combined with love for nature and interior design made me start brand Naiyá candles where are all the candles are homemade and handcrafted by myself.

Keeping on mind the importance of the health impact that ordinary candles have, I have decided to create only candles that are 100% natural with aromatherapeutic benefits thanks to pure natural essential oils essences. According to our sustainability principle, the candle journey does never end by burning out the candle, the vessel is ready to serve their next purpose as new candle, decoration, glass, jar or anything else rather than generating waste. These values make Naiyá candles an ecofriendly and sustainable brand where all ingredients used in our candles are vegan and manufactured in harmony with nature.

Every candle is uniquely made in a carefully chosen vessel filled with natural soy wax, blended with authentic essential oils and pinned by cotton or oak wick. The art of candle making in Naiyá candles could be summed as “Limited editions, unlimited possibilities.”

Burning our candle is a unique experience and so are our limited editions considering exclusivity and value of each customer. Our products are ready to become integral part of your intimate world, to accompany you during special moments and to help you create beautiful memories through all human senses.