Eco friendly Christmas gift ideas from small business in Prague

It’s that time of the year where we all are looking for a special present to give to our beloved ones. And yes, sometimes a struggle or lack of ideas is real! Most of the time we all want to give something original or special.

For that reason we have dedicated this month’s blog to creating a list of top 3 distinguished presents. With this you will be able to give something original and support small business owners with eco conscious & sustainable brands. The list includes Christmas gifts ideas perfect for her/him.

  • A handmade & luxury soy candle scented with essential oils.

  • Yes! Who doesn't love scented candles? Candles bring comfort and a sense of hope, also when giving a candle you give light and what is better than if the candle is stylish and with natural essences. Candles with aromatherapy are a great present because essences are an amazing tool to create new memories that will last forever! 

    For her, I would recommend a warm & sweet essence because it promotes happiness and a sense of comfort. Perfect to enjoy in company of your beloved ones, when gathering with friends at home or for a romantic dinner. 

    Reunion candle, brings a lovely blend of cinnamon, clove & star anise gently fused with subtle citrus tones to make your home warm and cozy. Reunion creates a remarkable winterish atmosphere that is perfect for special moments with your beloved ones or for chilling out after a long day.


    For him, in this case, I would recommend an herbaceous & wooden essence. These types of essences are grounding & relaxing, perfect for him to enjoy after a busy day.

    Into the woods candle, bringing the soothing scent of the forest indoors, this blend will give him that gorgeous feeling after a long day wandering through the deepest forests. 


  • Relaxation eye pillow from NAYAVITA

  • Self-care is the best thing we can do for ourselves, this keeps us on track and healthy to overcome any life challenges and to improve our quality of life. Everyone should have at least a 10 minute self-care moment a day to relax & recharge.

    A perfect tool is the relaxation eye pillow from NAYAVITA, they’re perfect to use after a long day, these pillows come with crystals and aromatic herbs which will help you to calm down by adding a bit of pressure to your eyes. It helps them to relax and at the same time you are surrounded by a soft & gentle texture to complement with the amazing aromatherapy thanks to the herbs included.

    For her, the silk eye pillow with amethyst & lavender. This will complement her self-care routine. Available in different colors so you can find the most accurate for that special one. -

    For him, a relaxation linen eye pillow with amethyst & chamomile. Yes, men can also enjoy these eye pillows, perfect to relax their eyes after a long working day. -

    Find their full collection here


  • Handcrafted ceramics from a local artist.

    It can be a personalized coffee cup, flower pot or a decorative plate. In this case, I highly recommend you Celina Rosas, a Prague based Mexican artist who leads Clay Society. She is passionate with ceramics and can make your idea of a perfect handcrafted ceramic gift reality.

    And with this December blog, I hope to have helped you with good ideas of amazing presents from local small businesses and artists for your special ones. 

    Wish you a very happy winter season and festivities,

    With love,



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