Are you a grandmillenial?

This trend for 2021 loves bold patterns, ruffles and pleats mixed with monochromatic or analogous color combinations and dark stained woods.



Trendy and eco-friendly! The perfect match.

This style is not afraid of mixing the old granny-furniture with a modern twist. It is halfway between minimalism and maximalism. The key to get a successful Grandmillenial look is to be very selective on the accessories you chose to avoid an overly cluttered look. Adding an unexpected item such a piece of modern art to your room with wallpaper patterns and dark wooden sofa will complete the look.

This trend is about comfort and upcycling; besides it is all about expression it also came to prove that you can make an environmental impact by giving a new life to all that furniture waiting on the bazar’s or at your grandma’s house. Nowadays fashion and environmental conscious behaviors can walk by the hand.

It is difficult to know when this style became popular and developed by the aged 20s to late-30s grandmillennials. What is sure is that it came to stay for a while, not just because it is affordable but because it is rooted to all those warm memories of Sundays at your grandparent’s house.

Grandmillenial style is fun and full of personality, it encourages you to transform your space into something unique and that speaks about your character just because staying home is the new going out.


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